The beginning of Artistic Eco dates back to 2019 when I started making my dreams come true.


I realized that everyone should take a small step to improve the condition of our planet.

I decided to use my skills and love for art to contribute to this.


From that moment, I started implementing the plan - I created my online store with ecological clothing operating in the most socially responsible way.


My goal is to give people the opportunity to get involved and participate in an environmentally friendly, ethical consumer initiative.

Ecology and sustainability are fundamental.

I have chosen BELLA+CANVAS as my basic T-shirt supplier

They put extra attention to the processes of making fabrics:

  • Thanks to the newer and more efficient fabric dyeing technology, they need 7 times less water than traditional clothing companies and all of it is being recycled.

  • This company wants to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions. They use solar energy to power facilities, motion sensor LED lighting and skylights in all buildings, and electric vehicle charging stations.

  • Their manufacturing facilities and LA Headquarters produce almost no waste. They lowered plastic usage, and the excess fabric is reused. 

Buying from Artistic Eco gives you the opportunity to be a part of a wise community of smart consumers. 

Be responsible for your choices.